The Mistake of My Life Made Me Very Rich in 15 Days

by Johnbosco Nketsiah IfeLekki | March 21, 2022

I was tired of the whole thing and I wanted to end poverty by force until something good changed my life for good

My name is Johnbosco a Digital Marketing Consultant and if you read this article to end, I will show you how I made over GHS 61,350 pure profit from Ghana in 90 days, and made N1.6 Million from Nigeria in two weeks and it has been consistent like this every month and same thing to a few other African countries without having to travel or send money for any product until the items are delivered and I get paid for.You do not have to do anything in the delivery and follow up process

  • No calls to make
  • No product to buy
  • All I do is chat with my suppliers and a few customers on whatsapp everyday and they keep sending me money every day.

If this sounds like a story to you, then see proof

I could show you more and more and from my bank accounts… ​but that’s not why we are here …I am here to help you, not to show off or brag about what I have made

and the beautiful thing here is that you don’t need to leave your day job or relocate to anywhere.For as long as you have a good internet for WhatsApp, a Facebook account and an open mind to listen, watch and understand what I am about to show you, then you will need only 3-4 days and you should be making your own money and saying thanks to me.

Here is what you will get… ( total worth of $750 for only $99.95)

  • How to find the right products and suppliers
  • How to choose what to sell
  • How to sell in other countries fast
  • How to bundle and price an offer
  • How to get a website free/paid
  • How to create a Sales funnel
  • How to run Facebook ads from scratch
  • How to deliver product orders
  • How to setup retargeting advert like a pro
  • Money management and multiplication
  • Plus Life-Time membership in my VIP WhatsApp and Online Mentorship group
  • Access to my direct phone number for follow up mentorship


BONUS #1 – List of my most trusted suppliers and delivery network (worth $400)BONUS #2 – Free to my USA Importation Masterclass (worth $33.95)BONUS #3 – China Mini Importation Business (worth $33.95)BONUS #4 – How to create a PayPal account if you are in an unsupported country and so much more (worth $17.00)

eCom Sniper Bonuses

Here is the bad news for procrastinators!!!I am only giving out this training to 233 people and I will stop because I don’t want to have too many people using this idea and I don’t want to have more than 1 WhatsApp group because a WhatsApp group can take only 256 people.One more thing…I already have about 23 people in my whatsapp group and as we speak, you are not the only one on this page.Other people are purchasing and taking the available slot now and it’s only a matter of time before the whatsapp group is filled up.

Normal Price  $250

No Excuse One-Time Opportunity Offer


(which is GHS 750 or N56,000 or KES 15,500)

for only the next 233 members

and this is far less than what you can make in a week as a beginner but when get to 200 people, this price will automatically increase to $250 so that we can really filter the last set of people.Of course, I have a reason for doing this… From experience, those who wait for the eleventh hour are usually the unserious people and we don’t need then among us.

  • I am ready Mr. Johnbosco but what and what will you be covering in your training?

In this training, you will be getting full videos of me doing everything practically from scratch from how I find products that will bring good profit to how I contact trusted suppliers who will partner with me and not run away with my money and how I run profitable and ban proof facebook advert to brings in sales like housefly following a cow.

  • ​What is the guarantee you are giving me on this?

100% guarantee that if you follow my exact steps and click what I click tell the suppliers exactly what I tell them and choose the kind of products I choose, you will make guaranteed money without stress from this program and of course, you don’t need to send money to anyone at all.

  • ​What if it doesn’t work for me?

If this program does not work for you which I know will never happen, I will refund your full payment and give an extra $25 to apologize for wasting your time.All you need is to show proof that you have done exactly what I said and I will refund you without further questions.

  • ​What if I am not based in Africa?

Exactly the point! You do not need to be in any particular country to do this business. You can be in the UK and making your money in Ghana and you can be in Ghana making your money in Nigeria. All you need is a whatsapp line to communicate with your suppliers.

  • ​Will I need to quit my job?

No… there is no need for that unless you are not allowed to use phones in your workplace or if you didn’t like the job in the first place, then it’s your call to quit when you start making real cash on daily basis.

IF YOU HAVE READ THIS PAGE TO THIS POINTYou are really a good reader and you certainly pay attention to details and I already like you for that.But… while you were reading, many people were rushing to grab their slots and you are already missing out on this offer.Here is the last link before you miss this offer forever or you end up paying $250 to get access again.

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