(I have compiled various ways I know one can legitimately make much money on the internet)

This list is not exhausted and is in no particular order.

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  1. Youtube Channel/Vlogging
  2. Blogging
  3. Mini Importation
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Design Niche Websites
  6. Article Writing
  7. Video Animation
  8. Kindle Book Publishing/KDP
  9. Membership Sites/Forum
  10. Flip Websites
  11. Sell Video Courses
  12. Freelancing
  13. Resell used items online
  14. CPA Marketing
  15. Etsy Arts and Crafts
  16. Amazon Associate
  17. Leap Force
  18. Create WordPress Themes
  19. Develop Mobile Apps
  20. TeeSpring Campaigns
  21. Email Marketing
  22. Copywriting
  23. Click and Sell Photos
  24. Survey
  25. Podcasting
  26. Book Review
  27. Develop Software
  28. Teach your Language Online
  29. Translation
  30. Interview Transcribing
  31. Online Tutor
  32. Virtual Customer Care
  33. Sell on Zazzle
  34. Usability Testing
  35. Micro Job Sites
  36. Unlock Android/iOS Phones
  37. Social Media Marketing
  38. Smart Phone Photography
  39. Focus Groups
  40. Buy and Sell Domain Names
  41. Use ReceiptHog Apps
  42. CashPirate Apps
  43. Ghost/Guest Writing
  44. Data Entry
  45. Social Media Evaluation
  46. Telephone Mystery Shopper
  47. Captioning
  48. Proof Reading
  49. Graphic Designing
  50. Voice Acting / Voice Over
  51. Instagram Marketing
  52. Dropshipping
  53. Get Paid for Tweeting
  54. Music Rating
  55. Research Assistance
  56. Product Researching / Discovery
  57. Social Media Moderating
  58. Sell PLR Products
  59. Sell Quote Printable
  60. Video Creating and Editing
  61. Slogans / Taglines
  62. PinInterest Marketing

All these can make you legitimate money if you Learn, Practice and Implement any or more of them CONSISTENTLY.

I do not guarantee any earnings or typical result(s) but I am sure they work well.

Thanks for reading, but it’s not enough. ACTION! TAKE ACTION! YES, ACT TO GET REACTION!

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