9 Hot Digital Marketing Skills You Can Learn & Where To Learn Them For Free

Digital Marketing Skill

Digital Marketing Skill
Digital Marketing Skill


You can’t ever go wrong focusing on learning and honing any of these skills.

And if you have any of these skills or other skills, hey, you need to start consulting for business owners.

Here are the 9 hot digital marketing skills in no particular order…


There’s LOTS of paid traffic opportunities that are worth learning, but if you have to choose one platform to master first, it’s Facebook.

You can grab Facebook Ads skill and position yourself in that niche. There are so many opportunities in this. Facebook Ads skill is hot. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for Facebook Ads experts to help them with their Facebook advertising.

These entrepreneurs and companies don’t want to lose money. Yes, people lose a whole lot of money everyday because they get their Facebook Ads wrong.

You can dive in and master it and start selling the skill to entrepreneurs and businesses that advertise and sell online.


On the heels of Facebook Ads, the Messenger Bots and Ads are going to explode…fast. Understanding how to drive engagement and access a user’s Private Messenger is going to extensively change the game. This is the new EMAIL MARKETING competitor!

This skill is hot right now. You can figure it out and start offering it as a service to businesses.

This is like email marketing. It enables businesses to communicate to their leads and prospects right inside their Facebook Messenger inbox.


In a crowded market, it’s important to understand that businesses cannot get people’s attention by using traditional web page layout as their sales page or landing page.

Basically, a salespage or landing page should not have any navigation links. Even the logo should not be clickable. You want people to be on the page, read through it and take a particular action you want them to take. The action may be to contact you, subscribe to your email community or to buy something.

You can learn how to build squeeze pages, landing pages and sales pages using plain html and css or WordPress, and then start offering it to businesses as a service.

You can even go on to learn how to use OptimizePress, Instapage, Thrive, Leadpages, ClickFunnels, WPprofits, etc, and start using them to offer your services to your clients.


The digital content platforms are Teachable, Thinkific, LearnDash, SkillShare, Udemy, etc. You can learn how to use any of these very well and start helping people understand the platforms.

The course empire shows no signs of slowing down. Lots of business owners want to make online courses to generate more passive revenue.

And most of these business owners and entrepreneurs are not techy. You can learn the in and out of the platforms and start setting up courses for people on these platforms or you teach them how they can setup courses on the platforms by themselves.


Meaningful Social Media is hot. Social media is a tool for building influence and mass movement. If you learn and figure out how to use social media to create irresistible campaign and launch or build influence, you will be in a big demand.

You can master how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc to build influence and authority figure, you can package it as a consulting business and start offering it to brands.


This is still one of the most valuable assets an online business owner has. Email marketing is still incredibly important in 2017 and beyond. It’s one of the ways for building a tribe or community of people that want to learn more about you and that will go on to become your die-hard followers.

You can learn how to setup email sequences with the Soap Opera strategy. You can learn how to use different email marketing software and start offering sales funnel automation services to business owners.

7. SEO

What is SEO in 2017? Google’s Algorithm is incredibly smart. Keyword stuffing is gone gone gone. Instead, you need to focus on rich content on a targeted topic, and optimized for social sharing and backlinks.

You can learn Search Engines Optimization and start helping entrepreneurs and business owners rank organically on search engines.

You can learn the basics and the advanced strategies on how to use SEO to drive free organic traffic to web pages. SEO is a hot digital marketing skill.


The market is full and the competition is actually high. And people’s attention span is becoming shorter.

How do you grab people’s attention and kill the competition? It’s through attention-grabbing designs. Minimalistic designs win. Designs with enough white space win. The days of cluttered and all-colours designs are long gone.

You can learn abnormal graphics design and start offering abnormal design layouts for business owners for maximum engagement. You are not going to be like most graphics designers. You are going to stand out by creating graphics that speak to humans minds and halt their thinking processes to pay attention and notice you.


Since business owners are competing with virtually every Tom, Dick and Harry on the Internet today, there’s need for a compelling copy that positions them as authority figures in their market.

Everything in 2017 and beyond requires compelling copy – from video montages, Facebook ad copy, sales pages, email sequences and the like.

Storytelling can never get outdated. People like stories. And compelling story sells anything.

You can learn how to write sales and ad copies. You can learn how to use words to move people to take desired actions. You can use words to make people go crazy, become emotional, click that button, bring out their Debit cards or pick their wallet and run like mad people to the bank to make a cash deposit to buy your offering.


Enough said.

If you have any of these skills or other skills, you can learn how to position yourself as a consultant and start a consulting business around your skills.

Skills + Strategies = Streams of Money!

Will you like to learn step-by-step guide that will show you the Strategies on how you can start a consulting business by mastering platforms, positioning yourself as an authority, becoming a persuasive negotiator and influencer?

Then, join me in this training – “Mastering the Business of Consulting”.

PS – After the training, I will send you a pdf ebook of resources and places to learn the above skills free and faster.

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