Fiverr How to Make Money Freelancing

Many people search on Google , Youtube about Making Money on Fiverr. 

So I will attempt to give you a complete guide about Making Money on Fiverr, it’s really super easy.



Fiverr is a marketplace for those freelancers who want to earn on cheap services. It is a canvas which objectifies and provides the system of earning money at home especially for starters as well in a short interval of time.

Over 4.5 million gigs are found active on Fiverr. Making Money on Fiverr is very easy. If you follow these certain steps, you will start earning here very easily.

So What You Will Learn in This Article?

If you have created your Fiverr account and lurking in the situation of knowing nothing, this article will guide you best as the main purpose of this article is making users acquainted with the use of Fiverr as a tool of earning.

Necessary elements of Fiverr success

1) – Understanding the Strategy

One of the key elements of the Fiverr success is building a strategy of going ahead. What this means is that there are dozens of categories on Fiverr and you can’t go for all of them. In fact, choosing multiple categories won’t be a good idea either. The success lies in choosing just ONE CATEGORY and putting all your creativity, talent, and effort into that. Be the master of one and become an authority.

The first basic element of being here on Fiverr is that it provides numbers of categories for users but you must find out your area of interest here and then try to put all of your well-established skills in it, better not go for all of multiple at once.

2) – Staying Consistent

As a freelancer, especially as a starter, you need to be patient in this regard which means you need to put your strategies and efforts time-to-time instead of quitting after a single try. You need to be consistent to be successful here.

3) – Sticking to the Platform

Thirdly and lastly, you are not going to get a trademark of success unless you stick to a platform. Try to put your obvious efforts in a certain platform instead of going for more than one platform.

You would not be able to concentrate in a better way if you keep many platforms in your mind. Sticking to one of them and making money out of it with all of your skills and intelligence will obviously score better for you.

Stick to Fiverr only if you can make money out of it instead of taking it as a fun place.

Let’s have a grasping look upon the main part of it.


Here is the 5-step strategy of Making Money on Fiverr

1) – Choose what you’re passionate about

The best part of Fiverr is that it does not only provide wide categories of services but also sub-categories of it as well. So, you need to focus on the ground of your interest and on the point that what kind of best services you can provide to the soon-to-be clients. Here, you need to go for specifics.

If you don’t find your area of specification here, don’t you worry, instead of that go for the one closer to your category.

You can’t sell anything you don’t possess so make a wish list what you want to sell on Fiverr and then decide.

If you’re an HTML web designer and you possess all skills well bound in this category only then acquainted category you find might be ‘Programming and Tech’ but then long for ‘Web programming’ as this category is very much closer and familiar to yours.

2) – Build Your Profile According to Your Service

As I mentioned before, you should long for and crave for your area on interest and skills you fit in so don’t try to go for multiple categories and areas on Fiverr, choose one and stick to it, provide all your passionate skills in a specific category.

Make your profile the way it can lead you to do something beneficial for you instead of a confusing one. Make a very exotic profile of yours mentioning you well-equipped skills and stick to them only if you possess them well.

It will help you to deal with soon-to-be customers in a very well way. By any means you create your account either through Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin or by your email simply, you need to join it first.


Some other important credentials that will contribute to your Fiverr success are:

The most important elements which are a part of Fiverr and will help you to connect with customers are:

Profile/Display picture: choose your own picture as a display picture and try to keep a very good picture of yours as a profile picture instead of putting pictures of someone/something else.

Otherwise, customers won’t get attracted towards your profile.

Languages: Basically, languages have to do nothing with your acquainted skills but try to mention those languages you speak well instead of mentioning many languages just to attract customers to connect you.

Social accounts/profiles: you can mention your social profiles and your website addresses here so that customers/people connect you anywhere easily.

By engaging people with your social profiles will help you lots in getting a huge plus on Fiverr and many others will try to get fit in your services.
After passing all of these steps, verify your account.

Fiverr Levels and Benefits

There are certain levels on Fiverr i.e. Level 1, Level 2, and Top rated seller. Try visiting ‘Levels’ on Fiverr website to know about them more.

Quick Guide to Rank Your Fiverr Gigs

You need to title your profile accordingly to get a good career here.

Try to make a clear, vivid, and exotic profile providing title which is consistent, providing a very convenient description of your profile, good packages, adding tags, well-concerned images, and videos to make your profile a complete package.


3) – Be Creative in your Offering

Making a profile on Fiverr and being paid in a span of time is not a simple and easy game, you should be very creative in your offers and they must be unique so that customers get appealed just in a glance. Some of the important key elements you need to focus on are:

Try writing in simple words (especially offers you provide)
Offer something someone didn’t offer yet so that it can appeal and attract customers/clients.
Provide a befitting description of your gig.

4) – Keep testing your gigs strategy

To get a good chance of getting paid only a good profile and patience in the form of consistency won’t help you, instead of that try testing your strategy of gig by having a grasping view of how many people viewed your profile, clicked on it, connected with it etc.

If you find that people talk about other gigs like yours, check them as well and try to make yours better than them. Try to provide a vivid explanation of your skills if someone asks about it. Don’t panic and be a kind person. Don’t offer something you don’t grasp just to appeal to the audience.


Follow this simplest stratagem at this stage:

Analyze whether you’re providing right form of services and you’re providing them rightly. Don’t go for the change in gigs appearance completely instead of it, try modifying it.
Make this process move on and go on.

5) – Promote Gigs Everywhere

Try to promote your gigs on other social sites you use such as your blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. It will make you connect with people easily and you might find customers here searching for best-provided services.

It’ll also increase your viewer-ship as well. It is possible only if you do everything in a systematic, intelligent/wise, and best possible way. You need to put all these tactics in your effort to make it a tool of earning for you onwards.

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Some Fiverr Terms to Remember:

Gig Extras: Added services seller provides at the top

Gig Multiples: Added quantity of the same gig

Extra Fast Delivery: Duration to offer the gig ideal and exotic time by charging extra cash to it

Custom Offers: Offer based on the discussion with the buyer according to the level of the buyer’s work

Priority and VIP support: Customer support tickets in a higher order for faster responses.

Fiverr Anywhere and Everywhere: You can sell your best services anywhere outside the regime of Fiverr just by making this profile and connecting it with other social sites.

The Verdict: Fiverr is not something which makes you alienated from the services or earning money but it provides a way out for your skills to use them correctly here even if you are a starter. Once you make a complete profile of yours and get to know about the use of it correctly, you can achieve your goals. It is possible only if you have provided facts and real information in your profile and you are determined enough to do so. Your passion, determination, and hard work are the key factor to play an obvious role in earning as a freelancer in a span of time. Patience is the main key to stick to. Don’t panic and hurry, success comes with patience and hard work. So, keep all these points in your mind while going for it. Once you consider all of these factors, nothing will stop you from reaching your goal.

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