What happens if you grew up with four fathers?

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“My name is Johnbosco Ife and I grew up with four fathers, died and lived four times”

My first father was a magician, the second a teacher, the fourth guy was brutal and the my fourth father… he was weird all together

I once slept without food in my belly and not knowing what the next day will bring until I learned how to avoid this terrible mistake

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My four fathers… 

Sadly, my biological father died when I was much younger. New to college and shortly he died

He was the magician who could not save himself from death. He had solved many problems for me, even when I had lost hope he would just find a way to solve it

That’s what magicians do!… and I miss him

My second dad was a teacher. Brutal he was. 

With the way he handled me, I wasn’t enjoying it until later. His name was Christopher. He had me going for debates, drama classes, reading literature and all. He brutally pushed me to be better

Sadly, we parted ways when I graduated

My third father was Mr E…!

I had grown up making decisions for myself and by myself. He made me stumble on so many rocks, hit my head on so many pillars and had me brutally wounded.


He was terrible and horrible!


My third father made me hate the world, the same world that I came to like afterwards when I left his house in anger to live with his son.

This would be my fourth father in whom I am well pleased!

Mr. K. has had me do things with almost a 100% clear awareness of what the outcomes would be. 

Mr. K. has all the accolades for the works my other three fathers had done.

My first three fathers had molded me to be compatible with my fourth father when I met him.

Sadly, I have become a father too and now I have to share whatever inheritance my four fathers had left for me with my own children.

One last thing… 

Mr. E. (Experience) and Mr. K. (Knowledge) are the reason I wrote this for you.

They both taught me the rudiments of business, how to craft good articles, and how to find internet solutions that can turn water into wine. LOL

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