As the Sun rises daily, new ways of making money on the internet are discovered. Make money from video

Here, I will show you how to earn a minimum of $100 to $500 monthly, uploading videos that do not belong to you. Sounds good right?

It’s pretty amazing and easy. In this report, I will show you how I download videos from YouTube and other Video sites like Vimeo, and social media sites like Facebook.

I will also show you what other Video Content Creators will never let you know about influence and viral video exposures.

One amazing feature of this video business is that you continue to earn passively even when you stop uploading for one whole year. Wow! This is what I call the automated bank business.

I have to warn you here. The site gives you passive income and does not require you to slave out or stop working on other projects that earn you money too. So, if you do not like to make too much money to go on vacations, buy you friends coffee and burgers, take your spouse on shopping, sponsor big projects that have always needed more money from you; then stop here and don’t read further.

If you want to make more money even while you sleep, then sit tight and have me expose everything from start to finish here.

Are you ready? Let’s do this now. Boooom! Make money from video


Great! We need only a few things to get the train speeding into cash.

Data: First thing we need is Data as this is the lifeblood of the internet. If you have a Wi-Fi connection around you, then you are good to go. Metered connections such as data subscriptions on mobile phone SIM cards, or Modem is a good alternative but you have to be mindful of how much data you consume.

Since this is a video business, the larger the amount of data you have, the more power you have in this amazing money cash business.

Time: Every business requires time and that’s why I have included this as a requirement. But here is the funny part. Is shouldn’t have included this because, in this business, there is no time restriction or location limits.

You can upload from your office, your home, in your car/cab, in the restroom, kitchen, or anywhere at all provided there is a data connection available.

Now, what does this tell us? If we can devote at least 30 minutes daily for this business, then we are sure of making huge money from this business.

Upload Device: We have only one business here and that is upload and walk away. We need just one device and that could be a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Phone or any suitable device.

Here is a thing you need to know. This site does not permit upload of video either through a mobile browser or Mobile App. You can only upload live camera captured videos using the mobile app. I have also tried the ‘Desktop Mode’ on my mobile browser but it didn’t work for me.

But, just like you already know, Johnbosco Ife always finds a way out. So, I will show you my simple trick to upload videos from your mobile phone, android or apple device.


Here is how to become a member of this money-making video business.


I packaged it as an ebook so it can be portable easy to read on all devices. Make money from video

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I also have courses that can help you earn multiple cash even if you know nothing about business before now. The courses are well tailored to meet the demands of both the beginner and expert business persons. Everything exposed and not held back.

If you follow my blog, you will be sure of some unhindered access to my future business insights and money-making secrets.

If at any time you need my help or advice, send me a message immediately. I am excited already hoping to hear from you soon. To your success. Make money from videoMake money from video

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