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In recent times, making money from the internet has become increasingly difficult and risky. Why is it that way? A lot of scams, frauds and false claims have come up into the internet space in recent years. Some of them simply trick you for traffic ūüö• while some others want more from you. Dear, you need to be extremely careful these days. I tell you, more wolves have worn the… Read More »HOW TO EARN $250 FROM CAPTERRA

How to start CPA marketing

Cost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA  Marketing)

CPA Marketing is an internet marketing system where an advertiser pays for a specific action taken by a potential customer usually email optin, phone number optin or product purchase.

Simply put, the advertiser pays you for the action taken by your traffic.

Cost Per Action -CPA-Email-MarketingCost Per Action -CPA-Email-Marketing

How to start CPA

CPA requires some proper knowledge before you can start. You need to understand how to select offers and create landing pages for your offers.

You will also need to learn promotion techniques and adverts strategies for your CPA Marketing offers.


What you need for CPA Marketing

To run CPA Marketing offers, you need to learn how to do CPA Marketing properly.

  • Download Tutorials or ebooks on CPA Marketing

If you stumble on CPA courses designed for the pros, you may get discouraged by the technicalities you read about and big grammars and jargons that may come with it.

As a beginner, you should sear for CPA tutorials with similar titles to these¬†“Newbies Guide to Mastering the Secrets of CPA Marketing,” “Newbie 411: The Official CPA Marketing Beginners Guide” and “CPA Marketing Simplified.”

If you get beginner guides, you will learn the rope and then grow to Read More »How to start CPA marketing

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