Locate the right people to purchase what you have to market or sell online

The very first concern you should have is…

“Who am I selling to?

That is to say,  just exactly who needs what I have to offer?

If you say, “Everybody.” Then we’re in BIG trouble.

If your market is everybody, then your real market is nobody.

Probably the easiest way to describe what I mean is to compare it to fishing.

The absolutely easiest way to catch fish is to put your bait in a barrel that contains…


“a whole bunch of hungry fish.”


Now I know that sounds like an over-simplification, but it’s the truth, isn’t it?

They’re all grouped together. They’re hungry. You’ve got the right food. You drop bait in. They bite.

Here’s a little three step secret to the successful marketing of anything!


“You’ve got to… reach the right market…

with the right message…

at the right time.” Simple as that.


Think about it for a second.

Let’s use our fishing example.

The right market – you’ve found them…they’re in the barrel!

The right message – fat and juicy wiggling worms.

The right time – they are hungry…now!

Do you think they’re going to bite?


Now let’s see for a second what happens if you’re missing just one piece of our 3-step secret.


Scenario #1:

You go fishing in your bathtub (wrong market)

Fat and juicy wiggling worms.

They are hungry…now.

Doesn’t work, does it? Why? There’s no fish where you put the bait.

Sure, there’s hungry fish out there, right now, but you put your bait in your bathtub instead of the barrel.


Scenario #2:

You go fishing in a river …you found them.

You bait your hook with no worm (instead of fat and juicy wiggling worms).

They are hungry…now.

No bites. How come? Wrong bait.


Scenario #3:

You go fishing in a river…you found them.

You bait your hook with fat and juicy wiggling worms.

They are NOT hungry now.

No bites. You guessed it, wrong timing.


Okay, okay. You get the point. But that’s the quickest and easiest way to describe exactly what has to happen when you’re marketing your product or service.

And we’ll be discussing ways to deal with each of these three steps in the process.

But remember…


“Right Market…Right Message…Right Time.”


Okay, let’s get started with finding the right market.

Most people make one gigantic error when deciding how to go about selling their products/services.

They decide, first, the product/service that they want to offer, and then try and offer it to the market.

This is a very expensive and frustrating mistake.

Let me share a little secret that is literally worth a pile or three of money to you.

Make things easy for yourself and…


“Find the Market First!”


That’s right, before you decide what product/service to offer…

“Find A Group Of Fish…Who Have Shown That

They Like To Eat The Same Bait…

And Who Are Hungry Now! And Then,

(Now Don’t Argue With Me On This One)

Give Them That Bait!”


You’ve got to give people what THEY want …not what YOU THINK they should want.

If you can give people what they really want, then you’ll “catch a lotta fish!”

Okay, good, you’ve hung in there this long with me, now let’s see how we can apply this “masters of direct marketing secret” to marketing online.


Here’s the problem…

Where is the market and what do they want?


Now put on your thinking cap and follow along …Fish like to swim in schools. Sheep like to be in a flock. Cattle like to be in a herd.


Important Point…

“People Like To Belong To Groups So They Can

Associate and Feel Comfortable and

Be With Like-Minded People.”


Have you ever heard of the “group mentality”? Or “herd mentality”?

Sure you have, or maybe you have not.

Now you may want to argue with me and say, “Well, what about independent thinkers?”

May I suggest that “independent thinkers” love to discuss the benefits of “independent thinking” with other “independent thinkers”. So they really do function in groups, don’t they?

I’ll explain why people like to be in groups later. It’s actually a fact of our own biology.

Anyway, I digress.


Now where do you figure we could find people who are “flocking” together in “groups” like a “school of fish”?

Right you are.


Facebook groups, Facebook pages

Subscribers to newspapers, to certain magazines

(whether special interest or business industry),

they receive newsletters by mail or internet,

they belong to clubs and organizations, and all the

other niche areas where people group together.


Let’s talk about little ads in the back of a magazine first (this will also apply to the other areas).

You’ve probably noticed that the ads are divided up into sections, or areas of interest.

And do you know who goes looking in those sections.

Actually it’s a few kind of folks.

People who are looking to buy (remember to feel better or solve a problem).

People who are looking to sell (marketing their product/service — your competition by the way).

And those who are just “lurking” (browsers, window-shoppers, sort of like fish who are swimming in the stream, but not hungry enough at the moment to bite).



Now remember again

right market, right message, right time.


The first thing you need to do is to go browsing a little just to look around this “pond” we call the groups.

One thing is immediately seen …there are a lot of messages posted there (or bait being cast).

But that doesn’t mean that the “fish” are biting, does it?

No. It just means that there are a lot of people “fishing”.


Now let me ask you a question. If you saw a fisherman come back to the same lake and use the same bait over and over again (expending time, energy, and money), do you think that you could say one of a few things about him?

#1) he’s not catching anything and he’s just likes to “go” fishing.

#2) he’s not catching anything and he’s just plain wasting his time and money.

#3) he’s catching fish.


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