How To Get 10K Plus Instagram Followers in 7 Days

Your instagram username is the first thing people see before viewing your profile. You have to make it carry some message, be attractive and invite prospects.

A good example is this. A Social Media Marketer should use something similar to social marketing like socialrep, viralcontent, globalview, viralreach or similar usernames.

Such usernames will help people recognize and understand your brand before viewing your profile.

And please make your username as short as possible.

At sometimes, the username you choose may have been used by someone else and so it’s not available for you to use.

So, you need to tweak it a bit or choose another username. If geemama is not available, try mamagee.

As at the time of compiling this report, Instagram allows you to edit your username later if you want to.

For this tutorial, we will use crazyfootball as our username and we will be curators.   There are two types of people on Instagram, the creators, and curators.


Creators post original and self-made contents while curators post other peoples’ contents.

Of course, here we are not footballers so we can’t possibly be creators, we are curators.


Now we have an Instagram account created, ready to fly! Next step is to added some relevant contents and grow our follower base.

See how we do this…

We will search through the top hashtags and popular Instagram users in the football business and we grab their contents and re-upload.

We have to be careful here so as not to face copyright issues. Make sure you give credit to the creators or owners of the content you upload by tagging them, adding their hashtags to it or mentioning them inform of shoutouts.

This is simply the legit way to do it, but you can do whatever works for you.

Here you searched for the following hashtags and seen trending contents to copy?

Next is to download and edit them if they need to be edited before uploading. Remember, your audience is the most important asset you have, so don’t send them away by posting what they don’t like.


The Instagram mobile app does not have the download feature. To download an Instagram photo or video, you have to follow a different approach.

On the top right end of the image or video, click on the 3 dots to show the menu options.

Click on ‘copy link’

Now the link should look like this link below


This is the direct link the post and we can use it to download the image or video directly using some third-party websites like dredown, videoder, savefrom, and many others (you can search google for other Instagram downloaders).

We will use today.

Visit, paste the link we copied from Instagram and download it.

Now we have downloaded the image and it’s ready for upload.

Remember to edit this image or video add some spices and remove unwanted content before posting on your profile.

Make sure you have at least six (6) items on your profile before you start growing your follower base. This is to ensure they see something reasonable on your profile before they follow you.

Only bot followers do not mind following an empty account.

Real human followers will likely judge your account before they want to follow you.


Every follower is a follower but some followers are of no use to us. So, we need targeted and relevant followers.

Two (2) basic types of followers are paid and free followers.

Paid followers are gotten from promotions like adverts, paid shoutouts and mentions or website purchase, while free followers come from organic searches, invites, shoutouts, tags and follow for follow programs.

We will concentrate on free followers for now.

To gain massive Instagram followers, you need to start following popular people in the same niche as you and follow suggested people too.

You will see people follow you immediately too. Don’t worry, we will have to unfollow them soon. Instagram allows you to follow a maximum of 7,500 people but no limit on people who follow you.

So, we need to unfollow regularly to gain space for new followers.

I guess now you are worried about how much time it takes to unfollow people you have followed. Don’t worry there is an easy way to do all of these.

How to unfollow people you have followed.

Traditional Method: you can unfollow people by going to your Instagram profile, click on “following” and start unfollowing them gradually.

You don’t have to unfollow more than 100 people at once. You can unfollow some people today and continue tomorrow, else Instagram will restrict you from unfollowing people for some days usually 24 hours to 72 hours.

Unfollow Apps: You can unfollow more people faster and easier using some apps like unfollogram or similar apps.

Just download from playstore if you are using android and connect to your Instagram account. You may get some annoying ads, but that’s how the owners of the app make their money.

Social Account Software: This is the best of them all.

You can install software like “Instadub, Mass Planner, or Jarvee Rule” on your computer and automate the unfollow process. 

The good thing about the software option is that you can use them for other things like following, likes and commenting on peoples’ posts automatically.



You can scout for niches using google search or spy others who are in the same niche as you.

I would advise you follow your competitors and similar pages to see what works for them.

Another method is the use of some mobile apps like “Social Hash Tags”. (see screenshot below)

This is a very good way to grab targeted followers. You just have to make a good and attractive post, then add certain tags that relate to your niche.

Promotion: Other ways to find the right tags is by making promotions or having people promote you. You can make promotions by running ads but it’s better to have people promote your profile.

A good way to do this is by getting ‘shoutouts’ from similar accounts in your niche with huge and active followers.

When you get a shoutout, you will have a massive amount of their followers follow your Instagram account. Make sure you have a good content first before getting a shoutout.

You can also get mentions in their comments. This will make many people follow you.

You can get up to One million (1,000,000) followers in 72 hours if you get shoutouts from huge accounts with millions of followers.

How to Get Huge Accounts to Give You a Shoutout

Certainly, no one will give you a shoutout for free. You need to exchange it for something.

You can exchange a shoutout for a shoutout on your page, you can also pay for it or give something useful to the owner for the shoutout.

It could be a physical product, ebook or anything the other person agrees to.

Now, this is basically how to grow your account. So, what next?

It’s now time to make money with our growing Instagram account.

How do we do this?

Remember, your followers are human beings and not a charity organization. This means they do not go about giving money to anyone who owns an Instagram account.

To make them pay you, they need to see you as a friend, authority and believe in your opinion too.

Here I introduce what I call, the Free-Free-Sell-Free-Free-Sell method.

LOL. Don’t bother biting your tongue trying to call it. You can call it the Give two, take One method (2:1).

What on earth does this mean? Huh

Give two, take One (2:1) method means you need to give your followers a lot of what attracted them to your profile in the first place.

It could be motivational quotes if it’s a business or entrepreneur profile. It could also be football updates and images like we did in our account here.

You give them a lot of the free stuff and pitch a sale in between the giveaways.

Let’s say you posted many football updates on the EPL (European Premier League), you can create a meme to ridicule a footballer’s failure because of faulty boot he used in the march.

Then, ask them to click the link in your bio to see the best football boot that will make them play like C. Ronaldo or L. Messi.

Naturally, they would laugh, comment and react to the meme, then click the link to see the magic boot you talk about.

Out of all who clicked your link, some will buy and you have made money because they are your fans and as well your customers.

The link in your bio can be an affiliate link or a link to your own store or a sponsored post which you get paid for it.

You can use link shorteners to shorten your link and know the statistics of people who click the link.

Now, they have bought you boot or whatever you promoted.

Next is to feed them with as many free kinds of stuff as you can for a while to keep them active and engaged before you pitch another product for sale to them.

This is the Give two, take one method.

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