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How to Sell Hot Health Products Using Facebook Ads

How to Sell Hot Health Products Using Facebook Ads
How to Sell Hot Health Products Using Facebook Ads
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Do you run Facebook Ads?

Even if you don’t, there are chances you will try it someday, assuming nothing happens to Facebook before then. 😂

We don’t expect anything bad to happen to Facebook at any time but you never can tell what comes next.

Congress people, government policies and data mining issues. But let’s hope for good, right?

Facebook has proved very useful for running Ads given it’s huge database of people. It’s so powerful that you can literally target a particular person with a particular body height, color, likes and dislikes even profession and hobbies.

So powerful it is, but it comes with its own problems. Some problems favorable to the advertisers and some problems costing the advertisers a fortune.

How to Sell Hot Health Products Using Facebook Ads
Losing money in Facebook advertising

And one of the major problems come with advertising health products on Facebook.

This used to be an easy ride for all, until Facebook rolled out some new policies kicking against huge claims of results.

You know that moment your Ads begins to scream “2 Days Magic” and “$5,000 per day program”?

Facebook got tired and of customer complaints. Their hopes are high but they don’t get the same results shown in the Ad image.

Very disappointing for customers and bad experience record for Facebook users.

What is the way forward?

If you really want to run a successful advert on Facebook for health products, then you should adopt the list system.

Guess you have heard of it – “the money is in the list”.

Exactly, the way to go now. The old working system, where you collect customer leads (emails, phone numbers and all).

It gets easier from here because, when you aquire these leads, they become your property for life. You can send them anything containing any claims that you wish to make.

How to Sell Hot Health Products Using Facebook Ads

And there is no restrictions to which words you are allowed to use or what images you can show your customers.

Advantages of customer list method

  • You can use any images without getting your ad account banned
  • You can use any words that suit your product
  • You save money by not paying Facebook next time to reach same customer.
  • And if it gets expensive for you, you can move your database to another software or company.

In my future posts, you will see how to build 10,000 to 30,000 mailing list without without spending much on ads.

What are your thoughts on this?

Let’s hear you in the comments and don’t forget to share this post to your friends.

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