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How To Write Quality Content To Sell Anything Online

How To Write Quality Content To Sell Anything Online

So the quickest and least expensive way for you to look for…

“…the right market and the right message…”


is to look at others who are consistently there. Because they’re either successful,

dumb, or just there for the “entertainment value”.

You’re looking for the successful ones.

Look at their ads, and sales letters. Get on their lists, and study what they’re doing.

And come up with a product/service (the message) that you can provide to that same “school of fish” (the right market). Interestingly, it doesn’t have to be a new product/service. It could be just a slight improvement or variation on what they already bought.

“If the fish likes worms, chances are the fish will like more worms tomorrow, when he’s hungry again.”

So now you’ve found the fish, you found the bait, now you’ve just got to find out when they’re hungry.

Now just like in fishing, you’ve got to be patient.

Let’s say that you’ve found the pond with fish in it (the market).

And you’ve put the right kind of bait out from watching the successful fisherman (the message).

And they’re nibbling, but not biting, hook, line and sinker.

In other words, they’re sort of just browsing or window-shopping.

My marketing friend, that happens a lot in fishing…and marketing too.

They may nibble (request for your information), but just aren’t hungry enough yet to bite (buy).

So what do I suggest you do?

Send it to them again in a few weeks, and then again in a few more weeks.

At least three times (seven or more contacts would be great).

Why, you ask?

Number one, they did say they were interested.

And by not buying on the first try, they didn’t say they weren’t interested. They just didn’t respond.

Why didn’t they respond, who knows?

Why don’t you respond to offers?


Didn’t receive it…couldn’t print it out…didn’t have time to read it…didn’t have time to think about it…didn’t have the money right then…had to cook dinner…the phone rang…put in a pile of paper on your desk to read later…lost it…and on and on and on.

See my point?


Sure, the offer is REALLY IMPORTANT to you, the seller,

You want them to buy now, don’t you?

But the buyer has got a bazillion other things going on in their life and all they did was sort of “raise their hand” a little and said “I’m interested” enough to ask for you to send your information to them.

They didn’t even promise to read any of it, did they?


No, they just asked for information.

Now having somebody take the action to ask for information sure beats the pants off of just sending your whole offer out blindly to the masses (remember, if everybody is your market, then nobody is).

So with all this other stuff going on in their lives, there’s a real good chance that your offer…

“Just Didn’t Make It To The Front Burner!”


They may have your info sitting on their desk someplace, it may be stored as a file on their hard drive.

You don’t know.

The thing that you DO know is that at least they asked for the information. So yes they have identified themselves as a “fish”, who does nibble at bait, but for the time being, may not be hungry.

So what do you do?

This may shock you (and I am repeating myself to make this very point)…send it to them again.

Maybe with a reminder that they asked for this a few weeks ago, and you thought they might have misplaced it or lost it in the shuffle.

Or you may have to “jiggle your bait” a little (try a new headline, test a different price, state stronger benefits, give them more information so they can decide, package together some other products/services to add-on to your main offer, try a stronger and/or longer guarantee, etc.).

That’s just part of the process.

That’s what makes some people good fishermen (marketers) and others not.

Always remember to…

“Reach The Right Market…

With The Right Message…

At The Right Time.”


Here’s another way to find out more about your market…

Go online and browse around the posting boards on websites, newsgroups, discussion groups, and forums.

You’ll find people asking for help with their problems. And you can even make a list of those people who have left messages asking for information.

Are they a hungry fish, or what?

You’ll also find files called “FAQ”. Meaning “Frequently Asked Questions”.

And my “Marketing Maniac”, I’m here to tell you that…


“It’s a goldmine to you!”


It’s like getting the fish you are fishing for to tell you exactly what “bait to use, when they’re hungry, and what barrel to find them in.”


WARNING: If you plan to market your services online — You Can Not Blatantly Advertise Your Product/Service In These Newsgroups, Discussion Groups, Or Forums. You may get VERY NASTY mail and have your Email box jam-packed, costing you a lot of time and money, and what’s worse you could be banned from your online service.

And…do not send unsolicited email to people online. The same things I just mentioned may happen.

More about how to solve that problem later, you can get people to request your email.

Now let’s talk about the most important asset that you will ever have as a marketer online.


“It’s The List.”


In other, your special list of people who have said they are interested in feeling better, solving a problem, or both, and have expressed an interest by taking action to ask for information and/or have bought from you.

Actually, we just described two lists, didn’t we?

People who said they may buy…and people who are buyers.

Which do you think is most valuable?

Let that question sit for a few chapters. We’ll talk about it later.


Next, let’s talk about…

“How To Develop Your Own Hot Lead List.”

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