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What you can do on the internet: You probably have some skills or you don’t have any skill acquired. You wonder what you could do to earn on the internet. It’s simple – with/without skills the internet is a home for all. You can learn a certain skill on the internet and sell your skill on the same internet.

Say, for example, you like writing, then provide writing services to other marketers. Even if you only consider yourself a half-decent writer, there are probably lots of opportunities out there for you to make some money.

Meanwhile, I want to take you by the hand and show you how to earn, even if you all you know is to ‘Click a Mouse button’.

Consider the deal as a teacher stands before a mirror to practice a presentation he has to deliver. He looks in the mirror and scores himself. What if the teacher pays you to tell him his mistakes and thus help him prepare well for the presentation?

That’s exactly what we do here, and we get paid for it.

You certainly do not need a skill to tell someone that his shirt is not properly buttoned, or that he has spent so much time on greetings.

This sounds too good to be true. Right? 

Make sure you read this report to the end and you will be amazed how using the internet, as usual, can pay you up to $50 daily without spending a dime. 

Now to the main point => Userability (UserTesting

Userability also called UserTesting is quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. The word “usability” also refers to methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process.

 This definition is only a dictionary meaning according to Wikipedia, but I promised an all-easy system to make money. So no long grammar here.

How does this work?

Usertesting requires you to visit a particular website or use a particular app and state your opinion on:

  • How easy to use
  • How organized is the page
  • What do you think is missing or should be added? and that’s all that is needed.

See the screenshot of my new student’s earning a week after training.

make money online
make money online
usertesting userbility test
make money online


What’s needed?

The majority of website testing studies are done by visiting the said website and talking about the various functionalities of it and how user-friendly they are while recording the process.

So, that means your computer needs to be equipped with a microphone and a screen capture software.

That said, each site operates differently, so there may be other small requirements as well, but a computer equipped with a microphone and a screen capture program, and of course fast internet connection should be sufficient enough for most projects.


How much can you make?

Compensation wise, each test will pay you about $10 on average, and it should not take you more than 30 minutes to complete your task.

Even if the payout is decent, be aware that such jobs do not come with any regularity.

Competition is really keen here.


So, your only chance of making this a consistent source of income is to get registered with as many usability testing sites as possible. By playing this right, you could potentially make an extra hundred dollars every month, perhaps even more.

I would rank below sites as the top 15 usability testing sites to make money with. 

Now, get a pen and paper and your internet-enabled computer ready to start earning immediately. 

15 Companies That Will Pay You to Test Websites from Home

1. StartUpLift

The great thing here is that you can sign up and be immediately available to do tests. This is a pleasant departure from some competitions, which require some sort of written response before you can get started. make money online

All it takes here is simply a screen or voice confirmation. The tests conducted here are most likely related to social media stuff, so your presence in the social media world would bolster your chance.

Requirements: Computer, Internet connection.

  • Payment: $5 paid into your PayPal every week for each feedback.
  • Join StartUpLift  with this link 

2. TryMYUI

Testers will be subjected to a test video and a written feedback before they can be accepted into the program.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Microphone.
  • Payment: $10 paid into PayPal, often takes no more than 3 days upon completion of your task.

Join TryMyUI here => 

3. UserFeel

The company will require you to sign up and agree to a small test before they consider your application.

Your first real test will come anytime from 7 days to 2 months upon submission for acceptance.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Microphone.
  • Payment: $10/test into PayPal every week. 

Join UserFeel Here =>

4. Userlytics

Userlytics is different from the rest as it insists on webcam recordings when others deem screen capture and voice recording would be suitable enough.

It says it is important to capture you as you test the websites.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet Connection, Webcam.
  • Payment: $10 or more per test, the first Friday of the week after approval of the test.

Join Userlytics Here => 

5. UserTesting

New users will be subjected to a sample test before they can get accepted. A telephone can be used to record voice during this test, but you will have to use a microphone once you accept new jobs.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Microphone; mobile tests require iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Windows phone.
  • Payment: $10 web test & $15 mobile and paid into PayPal.

Join UserTesting Here =>

6. WhatUsersDo.Com

This United Kingdom-based website testing site has an army of international testers, so they accept people of any nation, provided they are able to converse in fluent English.

New testers are to fill out a short questionnaire, upload a sample video, and if they clear these criteria, they need to furnish a personal profile before taking any test.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Microphone.
  • Payment: Up to 8£/€/US$ per test into PayPal, monthly.

Join WhatUsersDo here =>

7. YouEye

You will be asked to participate in a test study before you are officially a member.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Webcam.
  • Payment: $12 per test.

Join YouEye here =>

8. Enroll

Get paid to test websites before they go live.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection.
  • Payment: Pay differs by the test. Paid by PayPal.

Join Enroll here => 

9. FeedbackArmy

You can’t actually sign up as a tester on their website. Instead, they direct you to join Mturk and take part in available user testing assignments through Mturk.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection.
  • Payment: Since the work is done through Mturk the payment is in the form of cash in your Amazon account.

Join FeedbackArmy => 

10. Analysia

This one is a rather small and unknown site, but very much liked by those who are members.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Webcam, Microphone.
  • Payment: Pay is normally $10 per test that takes around 10-15 minutes.

Join Analysia here => 

11. uTest

uTest is a part of Applause network, a company that specializes in offering user testing services for websites and products.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Webcam, Microphone.
  • Payment: Pay varies based on the project.

Join uTest here => 

12. Loop11

Most of their studies take around 10 minutes, but they also have some that take as long as 30 minutes or so. The longer the study, the bigger the payout.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection.
  • Payment: Up to $5 per study, depending on its length.

Join Loop11 here => 

13. TestingTime

Not only they conduct website user testing studies, they also have app testing studies you can participate in. make money online

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Microphone, Webcam.
  • Payment: Up to $50 per test which will be paid to you via PayPal.

Join TestingTime here => 

14. Uxline

This is for testing websites in Spanish. Needless to say, you need to know Spanish to be able to join the site.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection.
  • Payment: You earn up to $10 for completing 5 tasks on a website and answering 5 questions. payments are made via PayPal.

Join Uxline here => 

15. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Mturk (which I wrote about it extensively) is a division of Amazon corporation.

It is not an exclusive user testing site, rather it’s a micro job site where companies and businesses list small tasks. As a worker, you can do these tasks and earn money.

That said, you’ll find hundreds of user testing tasks on Mutrk.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Webcam, Microphone.
  • Payment: Your earnings are credited to your Amazon payment account, which you can use to buy stuff on

Join Amazon Mechanical Turk here


Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, such tests come sparingly. So, be ready to see only a handful of site testing jobs in a week.

My final words are that website testing will not make you rich, but it is a neat way to get extra income for a supplementary purpose.

If you are from certain countries like Nigeria where PAYPAL FOR BUSINESS (Paypal that can receive money) is not available, no need to worry. Just give me a call or send a mail through the contacts listed in this book and I will help get this done within 12 hours.

Also, sometimes test that may come your way are affected by your location. So I advise you to signup on and download the app. When using the app, choose US Central IP to make the internet think you are in the USA and you will have an endless opportunity.

Don’t forget to hook up with me: make money online

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